Got dry hair?

  • Did the season take a toll on your hair?
  • Is it feeling dry, lifeless and built up with chlorine & 'dry shampoo'?
  • Is it time for a conditioning treatment?

If yes, try a Hair Repair package. A complete package of 3 treatments designed to improve your hair. Start with a detoxifying Malibu Crystal Gel Treatment, an industry standard for build up removal (great for swimmers). Follow with the latest in hair repair and bond building, Olaplex rebuilds each strands tenacity and elasticity.  Finally,  L'ANZA Emergency Service for long lasting moisture and healthy hair. 

Expect lighter, more voluminous, silky soft hair with this treatment. Results are permanent until further damage from color, processing, styling and build up reoccur. At any time the Hair Repair service can be repeated. 

Combine with a gloss; and/or haircut, style & finish for the Ultimate in Hair Rejuvenation!